Did you know that AP+M offers fully customizable air filters and specialized media for your gas turbines?

Gas turbine air filters protect gas turbines from foreign air particles and help resist moisture, vibration and pressure surges. A good air filter is crucial to optimizing your industrial gas turbine’s performance, which is why AP+M designed its own quality line of air filter products and media.

AP+M’s product line of air filters provides filtration solutions for both heavy-duty and aeroderivative applications, so that you can balance your environmental demands with cost and efficiency. We keep our AP+M air filters in-stock and available year-round for quick delivery anytime + anywhere.

Why Choose an AP+M Air Filter?

Benefits of AP+M Filter Series:

  • Lower Operating Costs + Reduced Power Loss
  • Increased Filter Life + Improved Flow
  • High Performance + Optimized Design

Benefits of AP+M Media Series:

  • Excellent Performance in Any Environment
  • Filter Classes from MERV 10 for Greater Efficiency to MERV 16 for Enhanced Filtration
  • High Air Permeability for Low Energy Costs

Which Air Filter Types Correspond with Which Turbines?

  • Vplus: GE Frame & GE LM2500
  • CCplus: GE Frame & GE LM Turbines (Excluding LM2500 & LM6000)
  • CFSplus: GE LM6000

AP+M’s line of air filters is part of our continued commitment to provide you with quality gas turbine parts and services. Keep up with news about our latest products and services here online or follow us on social media to learn what we’re up to, whenever + wherever!

Curious about the customizations available for your specific application and environment?

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