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An outage typically requires a customer to do various activities for sourcing, purchasing, and handling of outage consumables.  The time spent calculating and sourcing consumable parts equates to valuable time lost both searching for, and then waiting for, shipped equipment.

Finding and receiving parts alone is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, involving:
+ Identifying consumable lists
+ Soliciting supplier quotes
+ Reviewing RFAs and selecting suppliers
+ Issuing purchase orders
+ And tracking delivery

To worsen matters, there can be a risk of over or under-purchasing consumables due to misjudging the extent of the outage problem. Wasting money on unused inventory also means redelivering those parts to a warehouse and dealing with restocking fees.


AP+M’s OUTAGE IN A BOX® provides you a quick, practical solution for your outage needs. Designed by one of the largest stocking distributors of industrial gas turbine parts in the world, OUTAGE IN A BOX® solves several of the key outage problems your plant faces.