When you think about your industrial gas turbine performance, how often do you consider your air filters? In fact, having a quality air filter can lower your operating costs, reduce power loss and pressure drop, and improve flow while increasing filter life.

AP+M knows that the appropriate air filter is key to your gas turbine operations, which is why we’ve designed our own quality line of air filter products and media. Read on to learn how using the appropriate air filter can benefit you for years to come.

How Do Air Filters Optimize Gas Turbine Performance?

Most gas turbines are seated at ground level, which means they’re regularly face to face with potentially harmful pollutants such as dust, fibers, and combustion by-products. These can result in three common types of engine damage: erosion, corrosion, and fouling.

  • Erosion happens when particles affect the edge and thickness of the turbine blades, resulting in the abrasive removal of material.
  • Corrosion is the loss of material that occurs when chemical reactions between the engine components and contaminants result in structural damage, which can be dangerous for your gas turbine.
  • Fouling is the gradual decline in efficiency and flow capacity caused by a thin layer of dust and soot on your axial compressor blades.

Using the appropriate air inlet filtration system for your turbine reduces erosion, high temperature corrosion, wet corrosion, and fouling rate. In other words, it helps protect your machinery.

Overall, that means you’re getting reduced maintenance costs and an extension of component life—especially for your turbine blading and compressor. Not only that, but this gives you better utilization of engine power capacity and efficiency.

That makes using the right air filter crucial to optimizing your industrial gas turbine’s performance.

Did You Know AP+M Has a Product Line of Air Filters?

AP+M’s air filters and specialized media are fully customized to keep your turbines working efficiently for your specific needs and environment. Our quality product line of air filters provides filtration solutions for both heavy-duty and aeroderivative applications, and we keep our AP+M air filters in-stock and available year-round for quick delivery anytime + anywhere.

To learn more about the benefits of an AP+M filter, click here here, or explore the customisation available for your application and environment by clicking here.

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