July 19th, 2019 – Boynton Beach, FL – Aviation, Power & Marine, LLC (AP+M) announced a distribution agreement for North America, Brazil and Australia with Turbotect, Ltd. for OEM-approved compressor wash solutions, auxiliary wash skids and mobile wash stations.

“This new partnership is aimed at helping customers in their ongoing effort to attain operational excellence, environmental compliance goals and improved efficiency by providing access to the best products on the global market,” said Greg Young, AP+M President and CEO.   “Compressor fouling is one of the main reasons for the reduction of gas turbine efficiency and costly losses in power output”, Young added.

In order to develop an effective wash regime, understanding compressor contaminants and where they originate is important.  The main sources of compressor contamination can be pollution from ingested air as well as internal sources.   Soluble airborne particles and salts can percolate through intake filtration, and internal leaks from the compressor bearing can cause layers of sticky contamination that exacerbate the fouling effects of intake air pollution.

Removal of contamination from compressor blades is a complex process involving interactions between components within the compressor cleaner, the contaminants and the compressor blade surfaces.  All variables considered, the properties of the compressor cleaner play a significant role in overcoming an inherent incompatibility between water-based compressor cleaner fluids and oily contaminants & salt-based compressor deposits.   AP+M will now offer a full line of compressor cleaning solutions to help customers tackle their toughest compressor foulants- all laboratory proven & OEM approved.

Of particular interest is TURBOTECT 2020, according to Young.  This product is a biphasic water-based solution that has demonstrated the unique ability to dissolve non-polar oily-based contamination and polar types of deposits like salts.   The ability to solubilize this type of contamination – without the expense and adverse health & environmental impact of solvent-based cleaners – distinguishes TURBOTECT 2020 from all other water-based compressor cleaners on the global market.

Furthermore, TURBOTECT 2020 has an extremely low non-volatile residue content. These important properties, together with the products’ low ash content (<0.01%wt), make TURBOTECT 2020 ideally suited for ONLINE compressor cleaning in all types of gas turbines – including the modern high-output models.  As with all other Turbotect compressor cleaners, TURBOTECT 2020 also includes a corrosion inhibitor to provide protection of compressor internals.

Turbotect’s full line of monophase and biphase water-based compressor wash solutions will help customers to develop wash regimes that:

  • Restores the maximum possible power output
  • Increases plant efficiency
  • Optimizes wash procedures
  • Minimizes time for off line cleaning
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Economizes on detergent and effluent disposal
  • Protects capital parts and compressor internals

To learn more about Turbotect compressor cleaning solutions, as well as wash skids and mobile wash stations, download our brochure


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