ap+m supplies parts and services for many types of GE aeroderivative gas turbines. Below are some of the more commonly used engine types.

GE LM2500

The GE LM2500 is the workhorse of aeroderivative gas turbines, with more than 1,500 units in service and over 22 million operating hours with a variety of fuels and fuel/water combinations. Availability for the GE LM2500 is an outstanding 99.6%, requiring just 40 hours of major maintenance for each 10,000 operating hours. It is rated up to 33,600 shaft horsepower with a thermal efficiency of 37% and is rated to produce 20-25 megawatts of electricity. The GE LM2500, derived from GE’s TF39/CF6-6 high bypass aircraft engine, is a single spool gas generator with a 16-stage compressor, annular combustor, two-stage high pressure turbine, and an aerodynamically coupled power turbine. The GE LM2500 has applications ranging from gas line compression, cogeneration and offshore platform power to naval and cruise ship propulsion.

GE LM2500+

The LM2500+ is a high performance version of the GE LM2500 with an additional stage zero blisk and variable guide vane, higher flow, improved efficiency compressor, technically advanced materials and coatings in the high pressure turbine and a redesigned power turbine. It is rated up to 28.6 megawatts, 40,500 shaft horsepower at a thermal efficiency of 39%. Applications include cogeneration, combined cycle, marine and fast ferry.

GE LM5000

The GE LM5000, derived from the CF6-50 high bypass aircraft engine, is a two rotor gas generator with an aerodynamically driven, three stage power turbine. The low pressure system consists of a five stage compressor and singe stage turbine, while the high pressure system has a 14 stage compressor and two stage turbine powered by an annular combustor. With steam injection simple cycle efficiency is 38% and power output is 52 megawatts at 55,000 shaft horsepower. There are approximately 70 GE LM5000s in service worldwide. Applications include combined cycle and cogeneration, as well as offshore oil platform power.

GE LM6000

The GE LM6000 is a derivative of the CF6-80C2 high bypass aircraft engine and, with a thermal efficiency of over 40%, is the most fuel-efficient simple cycle gas turbine in its class. There are over 250 GE LM6000s in service with over two million operating hours. The engine is a two rotor gas turbine with a five stage low pressure compressor, 14 stage high pressure compressor, annular combustor, two stage high pressure turbine and a five stage low pressure turbine. The power turbine, unlike the GE LM2500 and GE LM5000, is mechanically coupled to the low pressure compressor, which means it drives both the load and the low pressure compressor. As a result, the LM6000 can be used in both hot and cold end drive applications. Shaft horsepower is 54,610 and with the introduction of Spray Inter-cooling (SPRINT) and Enhanced Sprint (E-Sprint), power output can be augmented up to 47.5 megawatts or more. The GE LM6000 has such applications as a power generation, cogeneration, fast ferry and high-speed cargo ship propulsion.

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