Today, AP+M, one of the largest worldwide independent stocking distributors of heavy-duty and aeroderivative gas turbine parts, announces the official launch of their new planned outage solution: OUTAGE IN A BOX®, a complete consumables parts kit for heavy-duty industrial gas turbines.

Shipped and delivered in a secured conex to a plant’s site before an outage begins, OUTAGE IN A BOX® includes thousands of consumable parts, as well as an inventory workstation with a computer, barcode scanner and software to quickly locate and itemize individual components. Once the outage is complete, AP+M coordinates the box pickup and invoices only for the parts used with no restocking fees.

“We’re excited to officially launch OUTAGE IN A BOX®,” said Greg Young, President and CEO of AP+M. “It’s the one solution that addresses the hassles associated with planned outages. Instead of sourcing consumables from countless contacts, we customize the kit to each customer’s needs in a single delivery right to their site. Plus, we only invoice for the parts used.”

OUTAGE IN A BOX® eliminates the time and hassle of negotiating with multiple vendors, minimizes downtime by no longer waiting on additional parts to ship and saves money by avoiding over- or under-purchasing parts.

From a recent beta launch, Santa Rosa Energy Center’s O&M Manager Brad Soileau describes his experience: “AP+M’s OUTAGE IN A BOX® was perhaps our wisest decision made during a recent hot gas path outage. The kit went beyond our expectations—from the orderly parts indexing, overall functionality and parts stocked as guaranteed. AP+M’s policy of paying only for what’s used without any restocking fees is above the industry standard.”

AP+M is ready to simplify heavy-duty industrial gas turbine users’ planned outages worldwide. To learn more about OUTAGE IN A BOX®, click here.

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